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Please identify font from Picsart

01/04/2015 à 20:23

Hi All I was looking for that font but couldnt identify. Ive found similar but not exactly this one and I really like this on my android

Please identify font from Picsart

Police identifiée

Six Caps  Suggérée par KItaleBoy 

Polices suggérées

Movie Title Gothic  Suggérée par ichemical 
Roswell Two  Suggérée par hoelita 

01/04/2015 à 20:26

Police suggérée : Movie Title Gothic

02/04/2015 à 05:13

Police identifiée : Six Caps

02/04/2015 à 07:44

Police suggérée : Roswell Two

02/04/2015 à 14:24

Thanks guys! that was quick, The Font I was looking for is SIX CAPS, but I will use others as well

02/04/2015 à 16:03

Six Caps, lowercase, elongated to almost 170%.

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