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Dying Light video game font..

21/02/2015 à 01:20

Does anyone know the name of this font?

Dying Light video game font..

Police suggérée

Bebas Neue  Suggérée par thiagowhite 

22/02/2015 à 18:27

Police suggérée : Bebas Neue

23/02/2015 à 03:21

Thank you so much!

Oh, I see what they did there.. luckily I know how to create that effect in Photshop.
Thanks again thiagowhite

15/04/2015 à 03:30

For anyone still looking for the original Dying Light font (effects included, not just regular Bebas Neue), I have created my own version which is available to download in the form of PSD files and PNG Images here:

I'm not talented enough to create an actual true type or open type font; hence why I have only made the font available via PSD files and PNG Images. However, if anyone here would like to turn it into an actual font then please feel free to

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