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Christmas Font

14/11/2014 à 12:27


Can anyone ID the font that makes up the tree or one that is similar

Many thanks

Christmas Font

Police identifiée

MTF Under Your Skin  Suggérée par koeiekat 

Police suggérée

Wizards Magic  Suggérée par fonatica 

14/11/2014 à 12:49

Not one font. Part is MTF Under Your Skin
Police identifiée : MTF Under Your Skin

14/11/2014 à 15:57

14/11/2014 à 16:21

Would be nice to find the r. No luck so far ...

14/11/2014 à 17:27

14/11/2014 à 18:50

Police suggérée : Wizards Magic

14/11/2014 à 19:24

As far as I can see that's pretty spot on for that "r" if it's not that exact font used, it's very very close

14/11/2014 à 20:23

Looked at that one before but nah ... if there had been also a similar h ... but no.

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