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2 Fonts Need Identifying Urgently

15/08/2014 à 23:11


Can anyone identify the 2 fonts used in the image?
Any suggestions urgently required.

Many thanks

2 Fonts Need Identifying Urgently

Polices identifiées

Copperplate Light  Suggérée par RiotBuffalo 
Luna Bar  Suggérée par jerseygirl 

15/08/2014 à 23:30

I know the first one, but not the 2nd. Heres the name : Copperplate Light
Police identifiée : Copperplate Light

Édité le 16/08/2014 à 11:33 par drf

15/08/2014 à 23:37

Great! Thanks RiotBuffalo

I suspect the 'Photography' may not be a font but I'd love to be proved wrong.

Anyone know?

15/08/2014 à 23:38

Police identifiée : Luna Bar

15/08/2014 à 23:44

jerseygirl a dit  
Luna Bar


Thanks so much jerseygirl. What a great thing the Web is.
I'd almost given up hope of identifying these.

Thanks again

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