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Looking for this old fashioned-looking font

09/07/2014 à 04:27

Looking for this old fashioned-looking font

Polices suggérées

Original Garamond  Suggérée par Heron2001 
Adobe Caslon  Suggérée par millner 

09/07/2014 à 18:59

Looks like Original Garamond... before ITC stepped in.
Police suggérée : Original Garamond

10/07/2014 à 23:44

In my opinion, this is Adobe Caslon, with old style figures.
Police suggérée : Adobe Caslon

11/07/2014 à 01:59

Milliner. Check out the lower case Y as well as the R

But the S doesn't match the Garamond or the Caslon.

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