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Bloodborne (Game)

13/06/2014 à 08:20

Such a nice font, but I'm unable to find it anywhere. It appears to be a cross between Serif and Gothic. Not sure if the original font is eroded. Logo is from From Software's new game 'Bloodborne'.

Bloodborne (Game)

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Waltari  Suggérée par Alpharhodes 
Augusta  Suggérée par F-Rott 

17/04/2015 à 06:57


I would like to know as well what font this is.

22/04/2015 à 15:55

Sadly, it's custom made and only for this game. The grunge is just an added effect. The closest you'll get to this is the "Waltari" font.
Police suggérée : Waltari

24/04/2015 à 02:02

A good, (and free), alternative to Waltari is Augusta.
Police suggérée : Augusta

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