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Skyrim logo

06/06/2014 à 15:35

plz font(s) in Skyrim logo ty

Skyrim logo

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Sovngarde  Suggérée par lizzieartist 
Typo 3  Suggérée par josek610 

06/06/2014 à 20:11

Well, this has been already answered a lot of times but I'll tell you.
The exact font of "Skyrim" does not exist, is a modification of the font Typo 3.
The font of "The Elders Scrols" does exist, is called Planewalker.
Bye ~
Police suggérée : Typo 3

05/04/2017 à 22:09

While Typo 3 would look quite nice as a stand-in, it's actually not very much like "Skyrim" at all. It's widths are too variable, the serifs too prominent, and the point of the capital M goes too far down. The EXACT match to the title font is called Sovngarde. You won't find it on the free font sites because it's made as a menu font mod for the game.
Police suggérée : Sovngarde

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