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A day to remember font

10/07/2011 à 03:15

A friend of mine requested me to help him find the font that says I "keep your hopes up high." I couldn't find it in my folders or in dafont after a brief look. Hopefully someone here can help. ^_^

Thanks and cheers.

A day to remember font

Police identifiée

Varsity  Suggérée par notfon1234 

10/07/2011 à 03:18

Condensed by hand
Police identifiée : Varsity

10/07/2011 à 03:23

thanks, i had suspected that originally but i had found trouble doing it myself. i'll just try harder i guess xD

19/06/2015 à 15:21

Does anyone know the font of the 'and your head down low' part?
A friend of mine is looking for a curly font and she thinks this one is great

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