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i made this a long time ago...

29/04/2014 à 05:23

and now that i have to recreate it, a i can't figure out what font is was for the life of me. it was on my old computer, which had years worth of font accumulation that i didn't get to rescue all of unfortunately. anyone recognize this one?

i made this a long time ago...

Polices suggérées

Sprague  Suggérée par khiro 
Standout  Suggérée par koeiekat 

29/04/2014 à 20:13

Police suggérée : Sprague

29/04/2014 à 20:46

Based on the O, Standout
Police suggérée : Standout

30/04/2014 à 01:15

Both of then are damn close. It seens one is a copy of another. Voting both.

30/04/2014 à 09:35

Apart from the Sprague and the Standout there are also the Gecko and the Ricardo. But only the Standout has that error in the O.

26/06/2014 à 03:49

awesome. thank you everybody!!

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