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Logo Font Identification

13/03/2014 à 17:03

This is a common font, I forgot its name. :( Can anybody tell me what font is used for "REVO CLUB"

Logo Font Identification

Édité le 13/03/2014 à 17:12 par vrilandrov

Police identifiée

Planet Kosmos  Suggérée par zemoritz 

13/03/2014 à 17:15

i'm sure it's PLANET KOSMOS
Police identifiée : Planet Kosmos

13/03/2014 à 17:16

zemoritz a dit  
i'm sure it's PLANET KOSMOS


That's it Thank you very much zemoritz.

22/04/2015 à 01:51

What is the size of this logo in toyota revo in back of windshield?

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