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Market Deco

03/10/2010 à 17:00

@ The maker of Market Deco, the 'E's differ.
It's cost my client quite some money because we discovered it after he printed it on business cards and stuff...

03/10/2010 à 20:50

The upper and lower case E in Market Deco are different, on purpose, Robbinski12. It gives you a choice between two versions. Why on earth would you print business cards without doing a test printing on paper first? Don't blame the font designer for your oversight. it's quite clear in the character map: that the two E's are different.

03/10/2010 à 22:38

P, you are over-asking. You know that we may never expect that the users of a font take the trouble to look at what they are using or think about what they are doing ...

04/10/2010 à 00:19


04/10/2010 à 05:04

I'm still trying to imagine a scenario where someone refuses to pay for a business card because of the e's.

"These e's are different. GOOD DAY SIR!"

"Well, we can reprint--"


04/10/2010 à 09:37

Not only the E. Half of letters are different for uppers and lowers.

28/11/2010 à 22:05

Sorry to hear of YOUR over site but, yes the font where made purposely that way! You sould of made a sample first.

29/11/2010 à 00:52

ha ha this thread is so crazy !
most of the fonts have different uppercases and lowercases !

anyway, Robbinski12 will probably never come back...

13/12/2010 à 10:33

crap... all my e's, a's, i's and o's differ....
I hope I won't get sued

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