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Font please?

22/06/2011 à 23:44

Font please?

22/06/2011 à 23:56

Do you have a smaller pic maybe?

23/06/2011 à 01:01

Myotis a dit  
Do you have a smaller pic maybe?

Haha, can it POSSIBLY be any smaller? OMG

I'm sure there's a zillion fonts similar to that over-used style, but it looks like something the tattoo artist drew up in 4 seconds by hand rather than going through the hassle of finding a font, loading it on photoshop, printing it out, sizing it up, blah blah blah, waste of time.

If you have a skilled tattoo artist s/he should be able to draw it up in no time if it's gonna be that painfully SMALL.

small tattoos = suck
(It'll just look like sh*t anyway in 5-10 years if it's so small)

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