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What is this f*cking font ?

22/06/2011 à 00:12

I know I know it, but I cant remember. Currently brain vomiting I cant make what I wanna make without knowing what font this is. Please Dafont Monsters, help me.

What is this f*cking font ?

Police identifiée

Stymie Black  Suggérée par SashiX 

22/06/2011 à 00:29

It reminds me of Clarendon... i don't think that is the actual font though. Just something similar.


22/06/2011 à 00:35

The "a"s are not the same, thank you.

22/06/2011 à 01:43

Police identifiée : Stymie Black

22/06/2011 à 11:23


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