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19/06/2011 à 21:48



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Myriad Pro  Suggérée par ITellYa 

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Droid Sans  Suggérée par notfon1234 

19/06/2011 à 21:58

Sorta looks like Droid Sans
Police suggérée : Droid Sans

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19/06/2011 à 22:13

Better logo uploaded

19/06/2011 à 22:16

Police identifiée : Myriad Pro

19/06/2011 à 22:32

Now that the better logo is uploaded, I'm looking at it closer and I actually think ITellYa is right.

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20/06/2011 à 03:28

This is not droid sans. The ending stems of the "c" in "chrome" is different when comparing the logo's font to Droid Sans.

The font is indeed Myriad Pro, in regular.

Example 1; comparing logo to Myriad Pro to Droid Sans:
Example 2; comparing logo with Myriad Pro overlay (animated image; requires Firefox to view):
Example 3; comparing logo with Myriad Pro overlay (animated image; lower quality but fully compatible with all browsers) :
Police suggérée : Myriad Pro
  (Déjà suggérée ici)

20/06/2011 à 03:57

Nice comparison, Roley

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20/06/2011 à 05:38

Roley a dit  

Your comparisons are better every day...

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