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Help - find this font!

02/02/2014 à 19:00

Hey all, I've been looking for this font which I had prior to getting a new PC:

Have lower case samples as well if that'll help.
I've tried all the font searchers and found nothing. I'm pretty certain I came across it originally here on dafont... anyone know what it is? I've searched the brushes category with no luck.

Help - find this font!

Édité le 02/02/2014 à 21:37 par claudeserieux

Police identifiée

Last King Quest  Suggérée par Heron2001 

02/02/2014 à 20:28

Police identifiée : Last King Quest

03/02/2014 à 22:47

You are truly awesome. Thanks!

04/02/2014 à 00:45

Thank you for noticing. And you are most welcome!

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