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I would love to know what this font is!!!!

16/06/2011 à 13:46

Hello everybody, I have been searching high and low for the name of this font. Can anyone help me identify it? Unfortunately it is only a small image but from it you will notice that it is a 'low waisted' type; the G and E are certainly examples of this.... Also to note the M has angled legs.

I would be very much appreciative!


I would love to know what this font is!!!!

Police suggérée

Myriad Pro  Suggérée par notfon1234 

22/06/2011 à 17:10

I don't know the exact font but I don't think it's far off from Myriad Pro.

22/06/2011 à 17:36

I would say somewhere around the lines of a Humanist Typeface, Like Myriad, Frutiger, Tahoma, and Verdana.
Police suggérée : Myriad Pro

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