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Similar font to Sassoon that is free??

12/06/2011 à 16:05

Hi guys,I'm a teacher and looking for a similar font to sassoon to use for typing up labels and children's names, etc. I have the youngest class 4/5 year olds who will begin writing this year. Have been looking and can't find the right one. Needs to be printed letters. Would REALLY appreciate any ideas you have!!!

13/06/2011 à 01:04

Which Sassoon version are you after?

13/06/2011 à 19:58

Hi there, thanks so much for the quick reply. I'm looking for something similar to sassoon book regular, but with a q with a tail - like in the Gabriola font. Although if thats not possible, thats ok. The sassoon book regular is important, as its how we teach the children to write the letters. Thanks so much in advance

16/06/2011 à 20:29

Can anyone help me out with a similar font to sassoon book regular?! Pretty please?!

16/06/2011 à 21:14

Nothing really similar around, alas.

16/06/2011 à 21:24

Ah sugar! Ok thanks so much for looking! Feck it anyways! Appreciate the help!

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