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Police "Société Générale"

06/06/2011 à 20:34

Bonjour, je souhaiterais savoir quelle est la police utilisée dans le nouveau logo de la Société Générale?

Police "Société Générale"

Polices suggérées

A Custom Sans  Suggérée par Squack 
Priori  Suggérée par Squack 
Gill Sans  Suggérée par Squack 
Tschichold Book  Suggérée par Squack 
ITC Blair  Suggérée par prowls 

07/06/2011 à 08:57

Maybe tschichold book? possibly with a squeeze.

it looks awfully familiar it's bugging me.

Police suggérée : Tschichold Book

07/06/2011 à 18:39

Thanks for your quick reply.

Unfortunately, tschichold book seems to be a little bit different from the font used in the logo, but thanks anyway!

I came across itc blair even if, once again, there are some differences, in particular looking closer at the "G".

Does anyone know a free version of ITC Blair?

I know I'm a bit hard to please and I'm sorry about that!
Police suggérée : ITC Blair

07/06/2011 à 18:54

The G on Blair is very different, have you considered Gill Sans or Futura as alternates?
Police suggérée : Gill Sans

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07/06/2011 à 19:00

it is a custom typeface, so you will have to create or find something close that works.
Police suggérée : A Custom Sans

07/06/2011 à 19:02

personally like this as an alternate.
Police suggérée : Priori

07/06/2011 à 20:45

Thanks for all your proposals! I'll try to fiddle something with the G of Priori!

Thanks a lot!

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