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Kongeparken font (Easy)

18/11/2013 à 14:20

I need this font for a custom logo. And as I'm a prize moron when it comes to fonts I have to rely on this forum to find even the simplest of fonts.
Thanks and much appreciated in advance.

Kongeparken font (Easy)

Police identifiée

Futura Extra Black  Suggérée par marty666 

18/11/2013 à 14:35

other G ?
Police identifiée : Futura Extra Black

18/11/2013 à 20:13

Thank you!
Would that be a custom G? Because it looks identical if I erase some of the G from Futura Extra Black.

Logo is finished, and the G was made like I described. Thanks again

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20/11/2013 à 19:05

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