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Anyone help?

24/09/2010 à 18:19

Anyone know the name of this font? I had it on my computer, but all my fonts got removed when I got my laptop fixed. Now, I can't remember the name. Help would be appreciated.

Anyone help?

Police identifiée

Dirtybag  Suggérée par Rodolphe 

24/09/2010 à 18:25

Police identifiée : Dirtybag

24/09/2010 à 18:37

Thank you.

24/09/2010 à 18:45

ha ha i would have said Impact

24/09/2010 à 18:46

Nah, deffinately Dirtybag, I remember it now. Thank you, though.

24/09/2010 à 18:51

yeah i know now, but the least we can say it's that it is really really based on Impact.

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