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what font?

30/05/2011 à 12:18

in he trunk?

what font?

Police suggérée

Levi Brush  Suggérée par Myotis 

30/05/2011 à 13:54

some letters slightly modified
Police suggérée : Levi Brush

30/05/2011 à 16:12

Myotis a dit  
some letters slightly modified

Slightly? Nearly all letters are modified, and some not even a bit... I think you're wrong with Levi Brush.

Allright, letters like the T and the N are very similar. But take for instance the E. Nowhere near. The R, also very modified... The H doesn't match...

My opinion...

30/05/2011 à 16:13

It IS Levi Brush. They gave the T's "leg" to the R, just mirrored.

Édité le 30/05/2011 à 16:15 par Myotis

30/05/2011 à 16:14

Myotis a dit  
It IS Levi Brush.

Still I'm not convinced.

30/05/2011 à 16:16

I'm 100% sure Rocamaco can confirm this too.

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