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Does anybody know this font?

16/05/2011 à 15:05

I really need it because of a work. I have a clue: It's on the Converse's new web site.

Does anybody know this font?

Ce n'est probablement pas une police

16/05/2011 à 15:20

There are different "O", "I" and "P", probably it's not a font.

16/05/2011 à 15:36

ok, ok! I have found one similiar. thanks anyway! have a nice day!

16/05/2011 à 16:37

i think it looks awesome. what was the similar font you found called?

17/05/2011 à 15:03

all of them in "dafont". I searched as "brush" and scanned the "Script > Brush" category. Have found many fonts and I'll use all of them. It looks very familiar of it. You can do it too.

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