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old toyota poster font

12/05/2011 à 19:15

trying to recreate some of this, need help finding these:

the font that 'AGGRESSIVE' is written in

the font that 'OH WHAT A FEELING' is written in


old toyota poster font

Polices identifiées

Venus Envy Black  Suggérée par KC Fonts 
Futura Light  Suggérée par rocamaco 

12/05/2011 à 20:42

'The 1985 Toyota 4X4 SR5' -> Deko Display Bold

12/05/2011 à 20:48

For Aggressive: Venus envy black must be based off of this font but since it was made in early 2000 it's not 100%; the G, 9, T and M's are slightly off.
Edit also manual scaling
Police identifiée : Venus Envy Black

Édité le 12/05/2011 à 20:50 par KC Fonts

12/05/2011 à 20:53

Police identifiée : Futura Light

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