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It's a tumblr banner font

04/07/2013 à 07:23

Can anyone please help? thanks!

It's a tumblr banner font

Police identifiée

MHV Zoo Party  Suggérée par frd 

04/07/2013 à 10:13

Maybe you could tell me the url of this person's tumblr or post the whole banner itself? I am wanting to know this font also I am a tumblr banner maker always looking for new fonts and also the other one you posted too!

04/07/2013 à 10:37

Police identifiée : MHV Zoo Party

04/07/2013 à 10:38

I know I didn't ask for this font but you are awesome! I am a fan of MHV fonts why didn't I check that omg but thank you even I am the one that didn't ask!

04/07/2013 à 17:57

Haha, thank you guys so much!

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