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can anyone identify this font please?

13/09/2010 à 12:05

can anyone identify this font please?

Police suggérée

Danette  Suggérée par tophy52 

13/09/2010 à 16:10

Lucky woman! It's "only" during football!!

Danette for most letters,
except M, a
M is W mirrored

recognized by WTF

French private joke:
Et on se lève tous pour....
Police suggérée : Danette

Édité le 13/09/2010 à 16:17 par tophy52

13/09/2010 à 16:23

Thanks tophy 52. I did the same check on WTF also. Danette is very similar but not exact. Its probably the closest one tho. Thanks for the help, it is much appreciated!

13/09/2010 à 17:01

That's what i said, M and a are different, maybe from another font.

Hope it'll do because it's quite close!

Édité le 13/09/2010 à 17:02 par tophy52

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