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Please HELP with this darn install!!!!

30/04/2011 à 03:20

I had it the other day installed, and went perfectly. now somehow it's disappeared from my list of fonts....SO I dloaded again,and unzipped...and I have it in my "windows/font" folder BUT it's not going to my word or adobe?!?! can someone please help

30/04/2011 à 09:25

Which OS? How installed?

30/04/2011 à 09:53

heathermthomas a dit  
...and I have it in my "windows/font" folder

Koeiekat, if you read his post well enough, you see he says "windows/font folder", so his OS is Microsoft Windows and he installed by putting it in the "Fonts" folder.

30/04/2011 à 10:21

Installation methods vary per Windows version. What can be done - though not advisable - under XP does not work under 7. Remember earlier discussion on this subject.

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