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22/04/2011 à 07:44

Please help me to find out this font!

Thanks in Advance


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Police identifiée

Mustang  Suggérée par rocamaco 

Police suggérée

Invisible Killer  Suggérée par deds 

22/04/2011 à 08:17

Maybe it's usefull to add a image where we can see something on?

22/04/2011 à 09:51

Hello everyone.
Police suggérée : Invisible Killer

22/04/2011 à 11:17

I don't understand : when I copy/past the image in a graphic edito, I can see it, but when I download it in the forum, it's invisible...

22/04/2011 à 11:20

Police identifiée : Mustang

22/04/2011 à 12:25

deds a dit  
Hello everyone.

Invisible Killer

For who gave "0% of the voters agree (1 vote)" to suggestion, it's supposed that it was a joke of when there was no a photography here...

Please, a little sense of humor...

22/04/2011 à 12:27

Please, a little sense of humor...

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