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Need help

09/09/2010 à 18:38

Can anyone identify the font used for Sophie Wellington and Baby Shower?? I have been searching for weeks I think I found one close but not sure! TIA!

Need help

Polices identifiées

Bounce Script  Suggérée par koeiekat 
LHF Billhead 1910  Suggérée par koeiekat 

09/09/2010 à 19:37

For Baby Shower Tea Party, the capitals, Billhead 1910. For the rest the Billhead 1900. Scroll down.
Police identifiée : LHF Billhead 1910

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09/09/2010 à 19:48

Thank you sooooo much!!

09/09/2010 à 20:08

Thank you for the identification I wish I could afford to purchase the fonts :-( does anyone have any suggestions for similar fonts I can get free?? I am just using it to make invitations for my sister.(personal use)

09/09/2010 à 20:15

Sophie Wellington is Bounce Script.
Police identifiée : Bounce Script

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