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Help wanted

03/05/2013 à 05:31

Hi guys.

Please help identify the font used.

Many thanks in advance.

Help wanted

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Police identifiée

Ballantines Script Demi Bold  Suggérée par rocamaco 

03/05/2013 à 05:55

Police identifiée : Ballantines Script Demi Bold

03/05/2013 à 06:04

Thank you rocamaco. Can you confirm for sure?

There are a few differences. Most importantly is the connection line between characters. (Notice in the image how thick they are) but they are much thinner on the Ballantines Script even when in bold.

Also the Capital S is slightly different, the tip points South where as in the Ballantines it points south west.


03/05/2013 à 06:21

Of course, there are slightly differences, but you must think this a metal pendant made with molds, and you can also notice the two capital "S" that show me are different between them, so even all could be retouched by hand, but I still think 'Ballantines Script' is the basis design for that...

There are other copies and variants of Ballantines, but this is the only commercial one...

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