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zip files are corrupted?

17/04/2011 à 07:38

I downloaded a bunch of zip files, and when I tried to extract them, all but one said "The compressed (zip) folder is invalid or corrupted.

I don't get it.

17/04/2011 à 08:39

Probably interrupted data stream. Try again.

17/04/2011 à 13:05

Alrighty then, I'll try later today

18/04/2011 à 09:30

Or change your zip software.

18/04/2011 à 10:12

Yes I am having the same problem! - just looking on here for a solution - corrupted message coming up when I try and unzip - happened on 2 fonts I have downloaded today!

18/04/2011 à 10:48


18/04/2011 à 14:03

this happens. it mau comes from
1/ Incomplete download = try re-download
2/ Zip program comapatibility = try another zip software

19/04/2011 à 19:13

re-download it and extract.

19/04/2011 à 19:20

mumble ... wasn't that already said?

19/04/2011 à 19:26

lol this 'cat' above me reAlly has something against me...or am i imagining? you sound like you just drank a bottle of cider vinegar!

19/04/2011 à 20:04

... maybe first read and then write?

19/04/2011 à 20:05

go soak your head. wats a guy with a high fever doing on the computer, i wonder...

19/04/2011 à 21:08

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