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What font?

30/04/2013 à 13:50

What font is this?

What font?

Polices suggérées

Miso  Suggérée par winty5 
Infinity  Suggérée par mnafricano 

09/07/2013 à 04:11

I can't tell what font that is when it's got those spaces in it. But if you'd like, I can tell you the name of a similar font to the one they used to make that.
Police suggérée : Infinity

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12/07/2013 à 20:10


12/07/2013 à 20:35

The two E's are different, yeah It's DEFINITELY modified Infinity.

12/07/2013 à 21:07

yes i think the cut outs (spaces) are modified now that i look at it...

13/07/2013 à 02:40

Well that but also, fonts don't usually come with glow around the letters, and if you look really closely, you can kinda see a little.

13/07/2013 à 06:23

well yes but that can easily be edited in photoshop, or an added effect. I add glows, and shadows and modify font in my designs, so I don't think thats a indicator of if its a font or not. But good point though

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13/07/2013 à 19:49

No, haha, what I mean is that it is modified, I was just agreeing with you!

13/07/2013 à 23:29

A few fonts do come with glow effects (it's uncommon though)

Infinity is a SWEET font!

14/07/2013 à 04:08

@mnafricano Yes I understand what you mean
@winty5 yes its an awesome "slim" font lol or what would that be called narrow or what's the term

14/07/2013 à 17:56

Uhhh...I think the term is Condensed.

15/07/2013 à 06:09

ok thanks, because I have seen it being called Light, Narrow, even condensed... lol cheers we figured it out with

15/07/2013 à 06:52

15/07/2013 à 07:06

As similar as they look, it doesn't look like it's the same font. The horizontal line on the "A" is lower, the curve of the "C" is just a single 90° bend and the leg of the "R" starts in a different place. Of course it's still close and nobody would notice at a glance.

15/07/2013 à 09:04

Yes, there are some small differences

Another similar font is Miso Light.
Police suggérée : Miso

15/07/2013 à 16:28

Yeah, it's definitely not the same. It's just, I didn't want to leave her here on the Dafont forum with no answers at all. They're similar enough is what she said so I think we're all good.

By the way, Infinity would be considered light, but I'm pretty sure they don't have a condensed version yet. Condensed means that the whole letter as a block is skinny and light means that the lines are thin.

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15/07/2013 à 18:33

I think it DEFINITELY is Miso Light yay I found it!

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