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Michael Royalty  04/08/2008
Hi, Carolina, I love this Yelly font. I'd like to use it in my small game, Booster Logic ( Please let me know what you think.

Picture of usage here:

-Michael Royalty
morgan4ON  04/05/2009
Love the font.... would like to use it for my new eboutique logo... please let me know what your terms of use are... thanks!

nikallen09  07/06/2010
Hello! I absolutely adore this Yelly font! I am currently creating a business card and was interested in using it for a friend's photography logo and contact information.
Couldn't find any within the .zip file, please let me know your terms of use.

yuyanet  14/06/2010
Hi Carolina,
I work for a little advertising company in Germany. We have downloaded and used your Font just for a sketch but now we would like to buy it and use it for a package design. Please let me know your terms of use.

We would appreciate if you could answer as soon as possible.
amnewton  12/10/2011
Hi Carolina

Please can you let me know your terms of use.

Many thanks
Mandy Newton
mejiamva  auteur de Yelly   21/11/2011
My Fonts are free, free, free you can use them in anything you want. Enjoy them, I feel very happy when I see them in logos, advertisings, banners, billboards, etc!!!!
darash  17/12/2011
This one is my favorite :-) Thank you Carolina for your fonts and making them free for use.

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