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intoxified  21/06/2006
this is soooo cute! thanks! :)
Eliot Truelove  10/08/2006
What font program did you use because this is great. I made my Kingdom Hearts in Fontlab.
Utilisateur supprimé 50793  21/12/2006
C'est celui que je cherchais ! Il est parfait !
Sorry I don't speak english
missmeg05  26/01/2007
tkt moii nOn plus don't speak english xD
cherie9862  10/02/2007
when you do : µ= shift+*
you do mickey head !!
great no ?
sorry for the english... I'm french ! ^^
cherie9862  10/02/2007
quand vous faites shift+ la touche ù vous avez la tete de mickey ! ^^
moi non plus je ne parle pas anglais
sexxiidominicana  27/02/2007
dis really cute
reminds of Disney World!
HeDy  24/03/2007
Oh! Exellent working! This is very beutiful font. Thank you for your hands! Very nice idea, too! x)
conversegurl  27/03/2007
Love this font!
ive always wanted to go to disney land :D
anyway good job
and people who are saying i speak french but writes stuff and the otha way...... :P
Shian..  06/06/2007
I'd like to thank you very much for this wonderfull font. It bring's back gr8 memories for ev'one & is loved by all. Young & Old alike. Again thank you for maing it available. take care, Shian
brandi5  20/07/2007
cute :D
Cristiina  22/08/2007
Me encanta esa font!:D

sorry, i dont speak english D:
fashion_empire  21/10/2007
This is really accurate with the Disney logo. I love it. And yeah, it makes me think of Disney!
mancool59  05/11/2007
c'est quoi tous ces anglais ? lol vraiment pas mal l'écriture (moi nn plu i don't spek english ^^)
mancool59  05/11/2007
A ca me fait retourner en enfance lol
ps : kan je tape shift+ la touche ù j'ai pas la tete de mickey :(
Perlemarion  03/03/2008
j'ai un ordi portbale mais j'ai pas la touche Shift+ sur quelle touche je peux appuyer pour voir la tête de mickey ?
Sal123456711  11/05/2008
AhhH! I love this! I love Disney and everything! This is one of my favorite fonts! Thanks for making it available! :DD
annGelaa  12/07/2008
sii hay alguiien d españa queria saber ocmo se cogiian las letras y eso para poder haces un collagee
un besooo
Hilarious  09/08/2008
How do you make a mickey head?
SoFonty  05/09/2008
dude thiz iz pureeee freakin loveee
BobbyVandMe  16/01/2009
It's not only for Mac..
eriluvsu77  04/04/2009
i onl speak english! and i have no idea how to use this font!!! i luv it! can sum1 plz help meee!!!PLZ PLZ PLZ!!!♥♥♥♥~eri
pmgarrison  05/07/2009
This fonts are not working right as what they displayed. It only work in uppercase letters, not lowercase letter. It is annoyed...
Muhammed  24/05/2010
Moi je l'aurais mis dans cartoon on dirait WaltDisney
Ja_Hae  27/07/2010
layz  23/01/2011
I love it
bon on va pas se faire d'illusions je suis française alors: J'ADORE!!
Jack_grove  14/03/2011
yam all gayy
girly-lily78  24/08/2011
This Font is Adorable! :D
passion_bows  02/09/2011
Can someone please tell me how to make the Mickey Mouse head?
AutumnVoice  24/10/2011
I really like thisone. :)
FabbyCrazier  19/11/2011
So cute this Font
AnnieT  09/06/2012
I can not use one font - that is Disney .. HELP!
bisty  26/08/2012
thanks great font.
malvolio  09/09/2012
@passionbows look at the character map. ;)
mariacasta  24/10/2012
I having trouble making the dot of the lower case i
Can anybody please help. thanks :)
DidineLoveuse  12/11/2012
Je kiffe de trop, c'est super jolie, mais j'aimerais qu'on puisse récupéré les phrases et nos idées qu'on fait pour ensuite faire voir notre idée aux tatoueurs.
audrey80  26/11/2012
Bonjour je l'ai telechargé mais quand je veux mettre dans FRONTS afin de profiter de cette ecriture, ça m'écris que ce n'est pas valide en écriture. je souhaite m'en servir pour photofiltre
merci de votre aide
et désolé je ne parle pas non plus l'anglais.
music9913  24/03/2013
Im new to this, and everytime i hit down load it says "Unable to download on Safari".. Can somebody please help? It'd mean alot!
shesx_amazing_  22/05/2013
hey, can this work on safari on my ipod ? if so please tell me or kik me @lizettex33. thanks <3 !
salmacordero  22/05/2013
Hey shesx amazing you are such a dumbass broski
shesx_amazing_  23/05/2013
Did i ask you for your opinion? I didnt think so.
V-Tricki  16/06/2013
Perfect *_*
cocaiine34  24/08/2013
je n'arrive pas a le télécharger sa ne veux pas
j'ai besoin d'aide ! j'utilise internet exploreur
Maykel Fonts  07/09/2013
T'arrive pas à télécharger ce script cocaiine34 ?
Violetta e Leon  08/12/2013
Muy linda esta font
kred  13/04/2014
Great font - you have managet to obtain the exact effect
lionjim  16/09/2014
Fun and creative font. For the case questions above I found that waltographUI.tff has upper case while waltograph42.otf has upper and lower case. The included documents contain more information about the font.
karmatattoo  26/12/2014
There is an issue with this font. The preview of the font, the preview of the font once it's downloaded and the font used in the design program (photoshop, etc) all three look different. The capital letter i is the one I have noticed the descrepancy with.
Laura R  07/02/2015
me gusta
t1k2t03  05/03/2015
i tried downloading the font it's not working for me:(..Just made donation the author!
Peter.dar  03/05/2015
Great looking font, however I cannot install it properly
avery'smom  23/06/2015
how do you make the mickey symbol? help
luis1727  25/06/2015
cool font! (Y) thanks
damiani  12/10/2015
Superb Disney-like font
Dick Trickle  12/10/2015
ManonDavid  29/12/2015
je n'arrive pas a le télécharger, quelqu'un peux m'aider pour pouvoir le faire svp
Shan18  15/03/2018
how can I purchase this font for commercial use? Thanks
Rachellee  21/03/2018
Hello, how can I purchase this font for commercial use? Thanks
cnuno67  03/05/2018
Hello can I please get a comercial liscense for this font?
My email is Carmennuno@yahoo.com thanks!
cleopatra360  14/05/2018
Hi, can I purchase this for commercial use?
SuperStoked  15/06/2018
How can I purchase for commercial use? aprilstokes@icloud.com
cleopatra360  23/06/2018
fontlover8  26/06/2018
can you please send information on getting a commercial license for this font please?
a.zappadu  26/06/2018
How can I purchase for commercial use? a.zappadu@gmail.com
sigsbee  29/08/2018
How can I use this for commercial use?
ericthecow  17/10/2018
Thank you, this will be brilliant to make gifts for my niece and nephew for their visit to Disney Land.
nynawakkaf  12/02/2019
How can I use this for commercial use? This is so pretty!!
Maker89  10/03/2019
How can I use this for commercial use, is it available for purchase? fgnikc@gmail.com
clmaxey  15/03/2019
Really cute! I've used it multiple times already. Thank you!!
SuperB19  30/03/2019
Hello, how can I use this for commercial use?
MrsBeckler  02/04/2019
I would also like to know how to purchase for Commercial Use? Thank you!:) mrs.beckler@yahoo.com
complexionZ  16/05/2019
how do I actually use the word i created? once you download it what next? it downloaded as a zip file for me. Please Help!
Can I use this for commercial?
please email fayfayedingler@hotmail.com
addisonkay  11/07/2019
I have been using this font for weeks making shirts for an upcoming Disney trip . . . I love it! I used it last night with no problems but, today, it won't load in my Cricut Design Space. I have uninstalled and reinstalled both my Cricut Design Space and the Waltograph font, with no luck. Is anyone else experiencing any issues?
adliveri911  16/07/2019
How can I use this for commercial use? adliveri911@gmail.com
Booboobrown  05/08/2019
How would I purchase for Commercial Use? booboobrown78@gmail.com Thanks
Cassief  10/09/2019
How can I use this for commercial use? Thank you! cfifarek1@yahoo.com
How do I purchase this for commercial use? Thank you! itanweiting@gmail.com
KRGraphics  24/10/2019
Hi! How do I purchase this for commercial use? karyn.rose.graphics@gmail.com Thank you!
jc89  24/10/2019
Hi! How do I purchase this for commercial use? jblondie2189@gmail.com
alexco  26/10/2019
How can I purchase for commercial use?
Thanks you.
I'm a French.
donna_mccarroll  09/11/2019
Hi, how can I purchase this for commercial use please?
perfect events hire  13/11/2019
can i use this for commercial use please mail me at info@perfecteventshire.co.uk
Stef13012  22/01/2020
As t’on besoin d’une licence Disney pour une utilisation professionnelle ?
Quelle démarche faire ? Merci
denissmedina  08/02/2020
can I use this for commercial use?
alfgrad  03/04/2020
Is this allowed for commercial use? and how much does it cost?
vega027  15/05/2020
Is this allowed for commercial use if so, how much does it cost? michellevega021@gmail.com
ThorDesigns  20/05/2020
I would love to purchase for commercial use. Can you email me at designsbythor@gmail.com?
mikenmisty2005  29/05/2020
I recently downloaded this font and tried to use in coreldraw 9 shows font until I click off and then all my text disappears. All my other fonts work fine. Can someone help me figure this issue out?
fbonaccorsi  06/06/2020
How do i purchase for commercial use?
RR1993  10/06/2020
How do you purchase for commerical use?
erica.nelson  11/06/2020
Can I use this for commercial use? If so, how much does it cost? erica.nelson1307@yahoo.com
cricutlover  02/07/2020
Has anyone got the liscene for commercial use?
sammi86  04/07/2020
Has anyone managed to get a commercial licence for this?
mokkahase  16/07/2020
can I use this for commercial use?
please contact me
Lauran1431  17/07/2020
Hi I wanted to know if this can be used for commercial use? Please let me know Laure@optonline.net
beautelle  21/08/2020

I would like to request a license for commerical use please, Norah.beaute@gmail.com
samanthatxy  02/09/2020
Hi, can I use this for commercial use? Please email me at

lbarbrich  12/10/2020
Hello, may I use this for commericial use? Email: lbarbrich@gmail.com thanks!
Ej2696  13/10/2020
Hi, Can I use this for commercial use please? 1dazzle.em@gmail.com
kateyfoster10  29/10/2020
Hi, can i purchase this for commerical use please.

johadfield  10/11/2020
Hi Can I purchase for commercial use please joannehadfield@me.com
Please e-mail me too; I'd like to obtain pricing for the commercial use of all Disney fonts you have. Thanks.
The e-mail is sofiakhan@sbcglobal.net
Ross_  03/12/2020
Hi, Can I use this font for commercial use? Please email me at Kdite7@gmail.com
alyshiaespiritu  11/12/2020
Can I please use for commercial use?? Please email me
Thank you!
Dhariwal  28/12/2020
Hi! Can I please use this font for commercial use? Please email me at johal_1204@hotmail.com.

Thank you!
AshleyF318  30/12/2020
Can I use this for commercial use? Please email me ashleyrose318@gmail.com. Thank you!
Floranda  03/01/2021
is this font for commercial Use? Please email me at sandra-schauland@web.de
kirbydesignco  18/01/2021
Hello! I would love to use this commercially. How do I get ahold of you?
hilarysgm  24/01/2021
Hi, how can I purchase for commercial use? Please e-mail me at sugeylygm@gmail.com
elaine94  07/03/2021
Hi, how can i purchase for commercial use? Please E-Mail me at elaiinee@web.de
H.sweeton12  22/03/2021
can I use this for commercial use please? johnsonhannah129@yahoo.com
lunatayna  25/03/2021
Hi, very nice font, can you please tell me how can I purchase it for commercial use? thank you
lunatayna  27/03/2021
Hi I would like to use this font commercially, thank you lunatayna@hotmail.com
UniquePrints21  28/03/2021
Hello please can i use this for commerical use?

Thevibrib  26/04/2021
danielle_designs  17/05/2021
Hi, I would like this for commercial use. Please email me at
danielle_designs@yahoo.com. Thank you!

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