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Vtks Relaxing Blaze

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scannon  05/11/2008
i'd really love to use this font, but i font know what the problem is when i download it and save it in my font folder.
It always says that the file is invalid or damaged.
any suggestions?
fiantz  11/11/2008
i love very much, i can make a sticker
annaOMline  11/11/2008
Douglas, this new font is as always original, cool, and well done. Thanks for sharing!
ayuvivian  12/11/2008
i like it!~`
Preciouszx  14/11/2008
Love It
debbe  16/11/2008
I really need help... it always says the font is invalid or damaged ?!?!?!
sallybee  27/11/2008
i absolutley lovvveeee this font, i think its really amazing, and i use it allll the timee, this site is fricken awesome dudeee, peace out dudesss xx
ktinaa  28/11/2008
for people with the invalid/ damaged problem,
after you extract it, copy (or drag) the file onto your desktop first THEN drag it into your fonts folder in the control panel or wherever all your fonts are :)
hope that helps.
barisky  28/11/2008
wow thats realy good jinač asi to budu psát česky :)
debbe  05/12/2008
Thanks to ktinaa !
fern1980  08/12/2008
love it....
Aeria  12/12/2008
I LOVE your fonts, they're really creative and I use them for everything. Carry on with the excellent work, and I think you should put spiderwebs on your next font, THAT would look cool :)
Franklin Gorge  04/05/2009
Excellent! Really love it; it's so detailed just like a signature; rough, nasty but very imaginative and creative. Creativity is the most important point in churning out delicious fonts :) Well done!


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