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vpatrone  10/03/2008
hi i'd love to use this font for a tattoo, can you please contact me at  30/06/2010
A Call To Worship
andrewtsherman  18/08/2010
Hello, I have a client who would like to use this font for a logo and some marketing items. Would you mind emailing me so we can talk about the usage rights...

bbecker  17/11/2011
hello faizal reza,
i love your font and me and my band are intersted in using it for ouer webpage and maybe also ouer artwork. can you please contact me to talk about usage rights and stuff.
thank you so much
charmedpunk  06/07/2012
Hi Faizal, I have a client who wishes to use this font for partial of their logo and can you pls contact me about the commercial rights for this? U can contact me via dafontdotcom's profile pg and leave me a PM there.
Tsoftig  10/07/2012
Hello Faizal Reza,

I' lovin it. And like to use it on my Blog on my Webpage/Facebook/Youtube in my logo.

Would that be okay?

Or have you some conditions for this?

Please contact me:

Kind regards
erammer1  09/06/2013
Hi, can you contact me about usage rights?
artfulhome  14/06/2013
Beautiful! I'd love to use this font for a small commercial use: printed on pillows. Can I pay a licensing fee for use? Thanks so much!

lomont1  28/06/2013
Hi, I'd like to use this for an Etsy storefront logo. Can you please contact me? Thanks!
crw400  10/07/2013
I would love to use this font for my Etsy Store logo. Please could you contact me? Thanks!
rzarah78  14/10/2013
I would like to use your font for a logo. How much for the fee? Thank you for your time. Contact me at

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