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extate  19/09/2006
Big thanks! But doesn't ubuntu use another font in UBUNTU logo? Respect!
seloh  20/09/2006
I don't know if it's a new logo but this is the actual font used for the current UBUNTU logo!
beckykit14  04/12/2007
TheBandit98  04/02/2008
Nice! looks just like it!
lilach.senesh  01/06/2010
is it possible to use this font for a new logo i design for a big client?

is it possible to buy this font?
bubbly193  12/07/2014
Yes, the old Ubuntu font!
Pedro Perez  16/07/2014
is it possible to use this font for a new logo i design for a client?

is it a free font?
insanemachina  04/09/2014
For those in doubt, this was the font used for the Ubuntu logo prior to the new Ubuntu font family which was developed in the release cycle of the first Ubuntu's to ship with Unity, around 2010-11. That other Ubuntu font family comes bundled with every Ubuntu install since then. This one is the old one. In fact I just looked up to a shelf I have near me and saw my Ubuntu 8.04 LiveCD, which in fact was my very first contact with Linux, and it sports this beauty here..... Man.... I love it!!!!

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