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ArielR  31/07/2018
atlantis4569  04/08/2018
Pathetic attempt of mockery on one of the best Presidents in the history of the US!!
jaytaras  13/07/2019
This orange punk is the dickiest ass clown in the universe and trumpanzees can't get enough! LOL
FL_Rebel  03/09/2019
Whether you are a Trump supporter or not makes no difference to me. I am a Trump supporter (and have been for many years and know of his heart and generosity to complete strangers in too many cases to count). I did not see this typeset as mockery and I thank very much for this. Regardless of your intentions when you created this set, I find both the second and third comments both ignorant and arrogant not to mention unnecessary. Thank again for your generosity and I enjoy several of your sets and find them of much better quality than many I've seen previously that were not exactly what I was looking for but yours ARE exactly what I was looking for (even if I didn't know it at the time >chuckle<)
wizardofx  14/09/2019
HA HA! President Dingbat! I'm gonna have FUN with THIS one. I would have titled this font "Covfefe"

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