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cowzie  26/08/2007
y wont it let me use it ??
loosy  auteur de Trashco   26/08/2007
i don`t understand what you mean...sry my english is not the best!
Superrman-  26/08/2007

xJ0Ex  27/08/2007
When i go to open with compressed zipped folders an error message comes up saying that "The Compressed (Zipped) Folder is invalid or corrupted".
chavez ravine  29/08/2007
loosy, my english is not good no more, but i think cowzie want to use the font and him/her ask you about the terms of use.
cowzie  30/08/2007
it wont let me use it 2 write mi own stuff ??
shielageneroso  07/09/2007
this is one of the best fonts ive ever discovered! one amazing masterpiece! how will i be able to use this? pls let me!:(
shielageneroso  07/09/2007
aryt! im so glad i was able to download it!:D
andrew x3  14/09/2007
it wont let me download wth?
laila michelle  16/09/2007
i want this
madamn  21/09/2007
i can't download ur font
ritaeian  23/09/2007
where's the code? haha
keeshia  24/09/2007
why cant i download it?
sarefe  25/09/2007
What a nice font...but some problems on some characters

UhhhYeahBrittany  30/09/2007
Beautiful font. :)
AlHazred  30/09/2007
Loosy, this is a great font! Thanks!
MaH_FonTZ_MaH_StYLE  03/10/2007
This is such a rockin' font. I <3 It!!
brittaniboo  04/10/2007
i dont know how to use this.. does any1 have paint shop pro 2x??
creoloko  05/10/2007
my mac doesnt recognize this font :(:(:(! what can i do? its a cool font btw
eefJ  16/10/2007
i like this Front
mallorymaloney  21/10/2007
This is amazing ... I don't know what I'm gonna use it for, but I installed it anway. XD!
fashion_empire  21/10/2007
OMG, this font is just ah-mazinggggg. I'm totally gonna use it for header decorations!
enviedsoul  23/10/2007
this cant get any better dude/tte!! thanks a lot!
sayaeight  27/10/2007
thank you!
sydney=]  14/11/2007
frickey frickey fresh,,

i love it.<3 =]
ivancrab  19/11/2007
dancerxox  24/11/2007
ginger13  28/12/2007
wow nice font loving the disco circle effects!!!
BaybiiChloe  19/01/2008
Hii, would i be able to use this font for a bebo skin i'm interested in making?? Thanks, Chloe xx
papeje  31/01/2008
sorry i dont know
about this things .
nwy thanks to all :)
striky  02/02/2008
i pete
Nugroho  15/02/2008
Good job my dear. May I use it to my wedding invitation, please?
krakerdesigncom  08/03/2008
more thanks

i did download fonts
colorblind  14/03/2008
This font is really great but for some odd reason, it won't print completely. It only prints out like less than half of the word, sometimes only one letter! It looks just fine when i type it. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!
yourprivatewar  29/03/2008
can someone help me;
i don't understand it;
sometimes you can only
download it for free
when it's for personal use..
but what do they mean with personal use?
& how do they now; how you use it?
btw; my english is not that good; i'm sorry (:
tashay22  02/04/2008
i love this font but it wont let me use it can someone tell me how to
axfha12  16/04/2008
Waaa bacam la letraa toa pulemtosaa
Memitoh  07/05/2008
oh bkn
CONNECTING  07/07/2008
Snap-shot  08/07/2008
This is a very nice and creative font, but i cant download it.

Please help.
brooksiibabii  01/08/2008
Love It. Best Font On Eya :)
horse_gurl18  24/08/2008
i downloaded it and got the zip folder but it said its empty when i tried to extract it. how do i gt it exstract if nothing in it???????
Brailyn  08/09/2008
[Don't bother extracting with WinRaR]

You need to download (Smith Micro Stuffit) to extract this

it cost money but i'm sure you will go to
kiwibirdgirly  11/09/2008
I like diz font its dah bomb ae
cheers awe hw cum we cant copy it bro
LTurner  19/09/2008
Hi there! I would like to make you a token
payment/donation for the commercial use of four of your fonts. Please can you advise? You can contact me at
zcbmxvn  25/09/2008
Um...ok.if there was a dog it would pee all over it
raffy  08/01/2009
how can i download this wonderful font ? i've read some comments but i didn't really understand how to download that... can someone explain me that ? thanks a lot ;)
xXxFreakGirlxXx  11/01/2009
nissa  27/01/2009
its a great font, thanks, I had no trouble downloading it at all and installing it into my fonts folder
flipdarius  04/02/2009
I loved this!

Would you give me any tip on making grunge, complex fonts? I find difficult to render then with FontLab. Do you use another software? Or have any special plugin? Thanks!
spazz888  13/02/2009
Does any one know how to submit a font, I know where to go, but do you have to make the letters on a special document, or put the letters in boxes???:(

BTW LV the font, Its a keeper
lovelyxxchic  11/03/2009
this looks awesome.

how can i set it as one of my main fonts on microsoft word though??
MUSICxPLEASE  23/03/2009
Can't dOwnload it ö
achilles1894  02/04/2009
Hey, i download it, but I will use it at,
but I dont know how/what is the ttf. code, or something can some on help me?
andykaden  15/05/2009
I was wondering i could you use this print for a t shirt company
bentleyb  03/08/2009
Difficult to install, then my computer crashed after I finally did get it downloaded. And it wouldn't print correctly. I deleted it.
ChaosElement  17/08/2009
FUCKIN AWESOME FONT, it works perfect for me =/
ozkozk  22/11/2009
iangelina  17/01/2010
se style de lettre sur des basket sa serai cOol!! sa serai trOop bOo!!
Luzerner  27/03/2010
Hello Fabian
Can I get Commercial License for your font?
Ja_Hae  27/07/2010
marty666  30/08/2010
heyjay12  03/09/2010
This may be the best font ever! The only thing I could do without is the skull in the M. I'm a Youth Pastor and it makes it hard to use when there is a Skull in the letters. Other than that it's AWESOME!
Clarisse M  18/07/2014
Hello, I would like to use this font for commercial purposes. I m creative invitation craft. How much is it?
(I started, and it's a very small company, don't be too greedy please!)

Thank you.
      Clarisse M.
heuzontner  16/06/2019
Hy. Ich hoffe du sprichst auch Deutsch so wie ich.

Ich wollte dich fragen was es kostet wenn du mir eine Lizenz zur verfügung stellst. Würde gerne Tshirts machen und dazu auch gerne deinen Font nutzen.

Lg Manuel aus Linz

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