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x3hollisterxox  18/01/2008
does not look good below size 18.
jimzartman  19/05/2016
One of my absolute favorites actually. Only problem is when you hit enter to go to the next line it leaves a weird quotes mark. Every line ends with"
EmmaC  19/12/2016
Hello Mr Klein,
I work in the post production of a television series. Our graphic artist has found your font Timeless on this website and would like to use it in some of his graphics. The series will be airing on an online streaming platform.
Our broadcaster requires us to obtain signed agreements for font use. I was wondering whether you could please send me an email at emma_crayfourd@beyond.com.au so that I could discuss further the possible use of the font?
Kind regards,
anera  06/06/2017
Can this used for commercial use? Please email me : aneraogol@gmail.com Thanks very much!
monaye  24/06/2017
I was wondering if I can use this font for my logo. Please email me: monaayee@yahoo.com Thanks
Gabo2013  03/10/2017
Hello Mr Klein.
Can this used for commercial use? Please email me exe.bottalico@libero.it

Gabo2013  03/10/2017

Sorry! In my previous post wrong email address!!!
Can this used for commercial use? Please email me ele.bottalico@libero.it
jilva  07/11/2017
Can I have permission for commercial use (logo and text for a Vinyl/Album) and license agreement please. Feel free to email me at jilvathemaker@gmail.com
Thank you.

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