The Wild Breath of Zelda

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LooneyTunerIan  14/03/2017
The M's doesn't look right.
amyownfie  25/03/2018
it looks great but the apostrophe doesn't work when typing it, though it does work when a word is auto corrected to contain one
utahir  09/09/2019
Dude, this font is so cool! Thank you so much! This is going to make writing my college essays unbelievably more fun and appealing!!! Woohoo, you're the best!
IsCool101  12/06/2020
This font is great, I installed it
mothdevil  04/03/2021
WARNING - This font is NOT "100% free." Check the designer's website for licensing.
Chequered Ink  auteur de The Wild Breath of Zelda   05/03/2021
Hiya, to address mothdevil's message - This font is exempt from our normal licensing and is 100% free, as are any other fonts we have on DaFont listed as 100% free.

If you're in any doubt, feel free to contact us at support[at]chequered[dot]ink.


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