The One Ring

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roblepk  06/10/2010
Can we say Lord of the Rings? or Lord of the Rings online? Seriously, it's cool, but I feel that there is a bit too much happening here. I can sense obviously that it's a symbolic font, being the fact that it i using rings as type and frodo's sting sword, and other elven writing, but can I suggest something? I would suggest for you to just use one of the three listed so it's not as confusing. :) Because if you use maybe elven writing only, it will be unique but at the same time it will be simple, same as if you use symbols or pictures of weapons and other items specific to the Lord of the Rings Saga, or Lord of the Rings Online. Okay? By the way, this is not negative, but constructive feedback meant to further your typeface or make it look or feel better :) Keep on going,, I look forward to seeing future versions of this :)
laski lou lah  11/02/2012
its my favorite movie i LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!

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