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Bernd Montag  20/01/2009
Very well done!
Ni_brhoo  23/01/2009
Nice Font
bumbayo  25/01/2009
Dernhelm  29/01/2009
Thanks a lot for this beautiful, readable, classy and THOROUGH font!! All the letters and characters are done, and very well done. I like the balance between bold and thin parts. Really powerful. Everything written with your font strikes at once. Thanks again!
simplyann  09/03/2009
This is very beautiful! Very well executed.
WicCaesar  26/02/2014
skachdms  23/12/2019
Hi Can I use your fonts for commercial logos? Please reply to this email.
namgoong  01/02/2020
Can I use your fonts for commercial products? Please reply to this email. Thank you.(

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