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YNeidr  03/08/2014
'Ay mate! I was disappointed to find that I couldn't get a more complete version of any of your fonts (i.e., with a full, or at least reasonable, set of punctuation marks, numbers, accented characters, etc. Yes, I really do want to use your fonts to write stuff using these. If you think that's silly, just try to visualise, say, a graduate physics textbook translated into Czech in one of your fonts. Well, okay, maybe that particular suggestion is a bit far-fetched, but you get the general idea, right? :) ) I can't guarantee I would buy the "full version" if it existed; I'm afraid I'm not as comfortably well-off as would be nice, so my decision would depend in part on cost, but your prices seem to be pretty good and give me hope that while I probably couldn't buy all your fonts, I might at least be able to buy some of the ones think I'd be likeliest to use. (I'm even thinking of purchasing a certain one of your other items as a present for a mate from university whose birthday's on the horizon and who I'm fairly sure would love it.)
The Craze Co  auteur de Spew   03/08/2014
Hey mate please email us at Sales@CrazeCo.com.au

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