Space Age

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aeneas2007  29/09/2009
Hi, how can I use this cool font in a logotype? I did not find this specific one on mickeyavenue site.
kozzie  09/11/2009
Hi Justin,

May I use this font for commercial usage ????

greets Kozzie
mickeyavenue  auteur de Space Age   20/11/2009
The official page for Space Age is at:

You'll also find there a link for commercial licensing.

Dragon200  13/11/2010
OMFG, Thats too large to say Dragon200 i bet there is!
Ba77leSC4R  13/10/2011
I would like to use this font for a clothing line. Would that be okay? I can be contacted at
erectfemur  15/12/2015
excellent :)
galactikore  02/02/2018
Recently picked up for The Orville. Congratulations to the author! :-)
raschluli  11/10/2018
Hello, I would like to use this font for commercial use. Could you please get in tocuh with me

I mailed you but I think it's an old mail.

Thank you very much.
SaTie  25/06/2019
I would like to use the font Space Age commercially. If I pay for the license, can I use the font for commercial purposes immediately or will I get another confirmation? How exactly does this work?
mdt1960  21/09/2020

I'm a graphic design student at a small college in Wyoming (Northwest) and I'd like to do a typography tribute poster on Space Age—this is for my typography class. One of the requirements in this assignment is to have a paragraph or two about the creator of the typeface or some kind of colorful story as to how the font came about—the more colorful, the better. I would also be asking about the essentials that would include your name, the date it first appeared and where the font has been seen in various projects, etc. Ideally, I'd like to send you a small questionnaire if email if possible. Please consider responding back to me at:

I'm happy to send you a PDF of the final assignment piece. We will be displaying our projects in our school library in November (assuming we don't close down from the pandemic). Thanks. —m. Tyree
hcody  07/03/2021
I have Space Age as one of the typeface options for a logo project I am working on. Can you please email me at hcodystudio(at) with licensing info? Thank you.

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