Some Lines

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hiptella  05/12/2012
SO CUTE! I wish we could 'like' fonts on this site.
maximusmaximus  auteur de Some Lines   05/12/2012
haha thanks! there is one: the donation button :)
somerandomdude  09/12/2012
Srsly, i dont get why this has so many dl... its impossible to use, letters go on each other, technically very poor...
maximusmaximus  auteur de Some Lines   11/12/2012
I totally wonder why it got this many downloads as well.
I would be very happy to give you a free tutorial on your favourite design program on how to use tracking and kerning to get the desired spacing you need. Thanks fo' the support!
epso  13/12/2012
You tires you less and less you

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