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BojanglesTheCat  06/06/2011
Great! I'm sure many will love it!
rph  07/06/2011
Hi :)
I have a question! I would like to use one of this logos for a little project, but i dont know how you made it. Do you designed the logos yourself or do you just copied the logos? If you copied it i have to design it on my own, but i dont wanna get copyright problems

ctrlaltf12  auteur de Social Logos   07/06/2011
Not copied, just converted :D ... but usually you shouldn't have any copyright problems, specialty when you do good advertisement for those sites after all.
ninjaton  15/07/2011
Thanks! Wonder what kind of pranks can be done with the help of these :)
tmans1  12/12/2011
it's not working for me, when i press 'M' or 'u' it doesn't display the logo it says in this link :
help ?
christian_dl7  12/06/2013
Hey...i love the font :)...but alot of the logos associated with capital letters are not corresponding. Can you please help with this issue. :S
grumpnet  28/01/2014
Hi. This is a cool font. I work for a newspaper. Am I allowed to use it for contact information of our columnists?
DGClicker  23/09/2014
ilove it
timcantrell  18/09/2017
Any chance that you'll be updating the YouTube logo to the current one??
ctrlaltf12  auteur de Social Logos   14/10/2017
rianchochochiko  20/03/2018
awesome font..thank you so much
NANLOVE  06/07/2018
I have downloaded the font but now I can't get it to transform for me. Trying to use the YOUTUBE font.. All I see is ????? can you help?

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