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Smell The Roses

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lov2teach  01/01/2013
Your new font is beautiful!! I have been using some of your fonts and realized a few days ago that I had almost all of them! :)

Thank you for the chart you made telling where the roses are...I need to make a chart for all your fonts, so I remember where all the extras are and use them more often!!
bythebutterfly  auteur de Smell The Roses   01/01/2013
Awww, thank you so much! You are so sweet :) Ya, I realized I had better start making the charts... even for myself LOL ;)
Chloe5972  11/01/2013
It smell good !! Marvellous
bythebutterfly  auteur de Smell The Roses   11/01/2013
Thank you so very much!
didominguez2803  18/05/2019
Hi, i have been tried to modify a text in powerpoint with this font but it did not recognized it, I have installed it but does not work, what canI do? thank you

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