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Mister XenOz  03/09/2012
comment fait ton pour lavoir ?? jai que une image dans le dossier
Dinamical  05/04/2013
Hello, can I use this font for a Youtube channel logo i'm working on.
Stratosfox  10/04/2013
Hey, all! Just to let you all know i am making this the official font of me, Stratosfox, an EDM producer/DJ from Laredo, Texas! Check out my stuff!
Stratosfox  30/04/2013
Element 105  18/05/2013
I will use this awesome font for a non-profit album cover.
lennypatty1  20/05/2013
Can i use it on a shirt?
R0ldfield  21/06/2013
Is this a free font??
musti1989  12/07/2013
hello i will use this font on my website as a logo. Is that free? Best Wishes
musti1989  12/07/2013
hello i will use this font on my website as a logo. Is that free? Best Wishes
Sasp  11/08/2013
Hello, is it possible to use this for commercial project? Please let me know your fee. Thanks.
Maykel Fonts  01/09/2013
C'est le logo de xKore !
Maykel Fonts  07/09/2013
Auteur ?
ananas111  09/12/2013
Hello, is it possible to use this font for a poster for a public party that is organized by our school? Would be awesome!
tropadox  10/03/2014
may i use this email is
ds_74  06/01/2016
Hi, I'll be using this font for commercial use. Please advise of any details, if at all any. Thank you
nzgirl84  11/07/2016
Hi there can you please advise fees for commercial use if any. Will be used for as part of a business logo so will be used on signage, web, business cards etc in new Zealand. Please advise ASAP.
AMGaming  01/08/2016
HI can i use this for my youtube channel logo. And when i download the zip file and install it do you know where its installed. Thank you and can i have a response ASAP
mazzardprints  06/03/2017
Hello, I would like to use this font as part of a customers logo... is that ok?
TommyC  12/07/2017
Can I use this Font commercially?
reader31  13/10/2017
What do I need to do to use this font commercially as part of a logo? thx.
Can i use this font for a festival logo?
DmitriLeon2000  03/03/2018
The original font is actually called "New Zelek".
Bounce Teilz  22/07/2020
If you want for commercial use you must buy the New Zelek font I think...

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