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Fumbledew  03/12/2011
Isn't this font used in LittleBigPlanet 2?
keaton  24/01/2012
Please send me a personal message so I may contact you regarding obtaining this font for commercial use.
janinecheng  15/02/2012
please send me a personal message with your contact information regarding obtaining this font for commercial use.
KieronD  05/04/2012
LOVE this font! Great job!
solhan  17/04/2012
I am interested in using your font for commercial and educational use,
can I use ur fonts without cost?
please contact me
Have a nice day :)
simba21  06/06/2012
I would love to use your font for commercial use. Can you please let me know how to contact you regarding this.
Thanks so much!
catmanbegins  10/06/2012
hey can I use this for commercial porpoises?
please email me:
thanks :D
notfon1234  auteur de Skinny   10/06/2012
This font is free! Anyone can use it for commercial purposes.
rogachu  22/09/2012
The font is great, but "E" and "A" doesn't display correctly in Firefox, Chrome and Opera. I use @font-face. Could you help me?
BriannaTaylorSmith  29/09/2012
How can I use this font in Microsoft office PowerPointt? I'm doing a project and really want to use this font. Please get back as soon as possible. Thank you.
pasteleft  15/11/2012
please send me a personal message with your contact information regarding obtaining this font for commercial use (in order to respect proscedure of our legal departement). Thank you in advance!
marcusstacks  01/12/2012
What brush did you use to draw the letters? I'm wanting to do an illustration in the same style as this font so they'll match. Any info is appreciated.
notfon1234  auteur de Skinny   06/12/2012
I actually used a ballpoint pen to draw the letters.
blacklabel  11/03/2013
Earl Sweatshirt used this font for the cover art on his latest single "Chum". Good work!
lilvintage  10/06/2013
@notfon1234 -- this is literally one of my top 5 favorite fonts in my list. I use it all the time. I am actually putting it in my book that is about to be published! I can't thank you enough for making this available for commercial purposes! I wish I could send you a thank you card ;-) ((let's pretend this is one, I guess!)) You're great! Thanks again!
4can  09/02/2015
I absolutely love this font! Does anyone know if this font can be used on t-shirts? In other words, are the line widths at least 1.5 mm?

cocoaction  12/02/2015
Hi, I love this font, too. Unfortunately I cannot get access to it with word on my mac, despite it is in the library. Any idea why? Thank you!
rachelupright  28/11/2016
I loveeee this and I know how to install fonts but this one won't show up in any of my software :c please please figure out whats wrong with the files so we can use it!
rachelupright  29/11/2016
Wow I feel like a dummy but I forgot to click install after extracting the files. So disregard my last comment. This fonts great, thanks!
oglesby1415  21/03/2018
I love this font but it's not showing up in my design space library to use
jlp0341  10/01/2019
Love this font. Reminds me of Rae Dunn. Are you allowed to use for personal and commercial use? If so please email me.

Thank you so much.
meganiskra  19/05/2020
I want to inquire about possibly using this font for commercial use. Please message me or email me at
lpizzirusso  25/08/2022
Thank you for this great font and commercial use!

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