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dudarafaelli  13/06/2015
Hello, may i use you font in a video? I'll put it on youtube :)
Chloe5972  30/03/2017
Lucas0101  06/09/2017
Hi, did I really like this font could you use it for spreading a church event?
galdinootten  auteur de Sketch College   06/09/2017
You can use this font for free.
cfrailey  05/02/2018
Hello. Great old school font. I was interested in using it for a logo for a high school photography website?
cfrailey  11/02/2018
Hello again, I wanted to see what your charge is to use this font for a logo/website design.
gregaireous  15/06/2019
May I use this for a card game I'm making please? Thank you.
NixPix  08/08/2019
adorable font!!

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